Monday 9-18 & Tuesday 9-19


Homeroom: Please remember to wear Hufflepuff colors this Friday for the Peace Parade! If you are interested, there are relatively affordable shirts for sale on if you search for Hufflepuff shirts.

Reading: This week students have been reading “The Dred Scott Decision” in their workbooks and looking for key details to support the main idea.

Students have also been working on their formal letters in class. The final draft is due tomorrow, and it can be written or typed. The letters that I have seen so far look fantastic!

Here is another copy of the assignment: Letter Writing Assignment

Have a great afternoon.

Friday 9-15

*Congratulations to Hufflepuff, kickball champions!!

Today, students did a GREAT job in the humid, warm classroom!

Students studied the rules for past, present, and future tense verbs. We reviewed the concepts that students have practiced this week, and students completed the weekly assessment, or quiz. It was much shorter than last week’s assessment. Students did a great job focusing and taking their time. It was only eight questions.

The due date for the final draft for the formal letter has been moved to next Wednesday due to printer issues at school today. They will get their rubrics on Monday and be able to start work on that.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday 9-14

Today, students read their second close reading in their workbooks. This text was called “Voting Rights Act Address” by President Lyndon Johnson. Students found key details to support the main idea in the address.

Students also reviewed and learned about short vowel sounds.

Students also began their rough draft for their formal letter, which asks them to imagine that they were at the constitutional convention and writing home to a loved one. Tomorrow they will begin their final draft. This may be homework over the weekend.

*Students will have a brief assessment tomorrow on the skills that they have practiced this week. It will be eight questions and multiple choice.

Thanks for checking in, have a nice evening.

Wednesday 9-13


Students continued working on their writing prompt which is to write a formal letter from the perspective of someone who was involved in the Constitutional Convention. Students learned about James Madison this week, so they may take his perspective if they would like.

Students also had time to make up any of the inference or chronological order work that they need to complete.

All students visited the media center.

*Block one students were able to finish their first pre-assessment (from last week). Anyone who needs to complete this assignment may do that at home.

Tuesday 9-12

Students are doing a great job of starting their first unit on the Constitution. Today, students continued to study the “Creating the Constitution” text in their workbook.

Students identified chronological order, and looked for words that signal time such as after, previously, today, etc.

Students also made inferences based on the text.

Keep up the great work, students!

Monday, September 11


Today students began Unit 1: The Constitution Then and Now. Students identified the difference between the main idea and key details using the text, “Creating the Constitution.”

Students also began a writing assignment about writing a formal letter.

Have a nice evening.

Friday, September 8th

*Homework is attached!

This weekend, students will be exploring ideas for their act of service for the year. If anyone forgot the assignment at school, you can fill out the answers on paper at home and bring it to school on Monday. Here is a copy of the assignment.



Today, students worked on making text-to-text connections while we read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Students also completed an assignment about Homophones.


Next week, students will begin unit one of our new curriculum. The unit is all about the Constitution! At the end of next week, students will take their first graded assessment, which will be much shorter than the one they completed this week. It will be multiple choice, and is only 8 questions. This one will be counted towards report cards.

Thursday, September 7th


Today, students continued their syllable pattern work by looking at the syllable that comes at the end of the word ending with an E. We looked at how that changes the sound of the vowel in that word. For example, the vowel in tap is different than in tape because of the E at the end. We created a chart and looked for examples.

Students also finished their KWL chart about Barack Obama. We also had a chance to talk about what a bill is, and to preview some of what will be coming our way in Unit One which focuses on the Constitution.

Most students are finished with their pre-assessment for reading this year. This was an informal assessment that gives us a chance to look at students academic strengths at the beginning of the school year. If students are not finished, they will be able to continue working in class to complete the assessment. Students did a great job!


Wednesday, September 6th

Learning Target: I can visit the media center and complete my online assessment.

Today, students will have a chance to complete their first online pre-assessment for our new reading curriculum. Some students in block one will need additional time.

Students will also have the chance to visit Ms. Gretchen in the media center. Ms. Gretchen will review expectations in the library, and how our time in the library will be spent this year!

Tuesday, September 5th


Welcome to Mrs. Peterson’s daily update!

Today in class, students began an online pre-assessment that will look at their reading strengths and weaknesses. Students are doing a great job of taking their time, and will have as much time as they need to complete the assessment.

Students also listened to an informative book. We talked about the reasons for reading informative books, and what we the intent of the book is. The books topic was on Barack Obama. Students also learned how to make a KWL chart.


Homework: Students should have dividers at school if they do not already.

Thank you for checking in, and have a great day!