Friday, June 2nd

Learning Targets: I can articulate a stance on whether or not we should have year round school (for our mock debate at the capitol next Thursday).

I can continue to finalize the magazine project. *Many students have been given clearance by Mr. B. or myself to print the magazine this weekend.

I can reflect on what the most important thing I learned during the service learning project was.

Representative Hornstein stopped by the service learning fair last night and is ready for our class visit to the capitol next week! Today, students took notes from this video to decide their position on whether or not we should switch to an all-year school schedule. Students in my class voted on topics, and this topic had the most votes. At the capitol, a small group of students will propose a bill that is for year-round school. Students will be able to voice their opposition if they would like on our trip.

All students will then get to vote on the bill, and we will see if it passes! Every student will also have the opportunity to weigh in on how they feel about the bill.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 1st

*I apologize for the delay! With the Ordway field trip, field day, and the service learning fair, we have been BUSY! 

Today, students prepared for the service learning fair tonight! 6th and 7th grade students visited our classroom so that students could practice what they were going to say during the service learning fair tonight. Students did a great job!

Incase you need another invitation, you can find all of the information for the service learning fair below!

Service Learning Fair Invitation 2017

You can also RSVP to the Magazine Open House by following this link.

We will see you this evening!

Thursday, May 25th

  • I understand what the Declaration of Independence is.
  • I can continue to work on my magazine project.

Today, students read about the Declaration of Independence in their History Alive! textbooks. Students also had time to continue working on their magazine projects. The projects are really coming along!


Wednesday, May 24th

  • I can identify what I need help with to be successful with the magazine project.

Today, students met with Mr. Badenhoff and myself to talk about the magazine project. We took questions, and helped the students figure out how to put the finishing touches on their magazine.

We will begin approving students to print their magazines on June 5th.  I created a screencast that might be helpful if you have any questions about the printing process for the magazines. You can find the video here.

Students also visited the library. Gretchen talked to students about summer reading goals and gave students some wonderful book recommendations.

Tuesday 5-23

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 3.57.45 PM

  • I can continue working on my service learning trifold.
  • I can complete my social studies assessment for chapter 11.

Today, block one had time to work on their service learning trifolds. Due to the shortened classes in block one last week, they needed more time to complete their trifolds. Luckily, our school superintendent Superintendent Graff stopped by during this time! He even tweeted about their wonderful work! Three students presented their trifolds to Superintendent Graff (great practice for next week!) I also invited Superintendent Graff personally to the service learning night! Hopefully he will be able to make it!

Students also had some time to fine tune their magazine projects. Most students are almost done with their final drafts of their articles.

Students also took the social studies assessment in block two.

Monday 5-22

  • I understand the difference between a Patriot and a Loyalist.
  • I can identify information about six important colonists.
  • I understand the expectations for revising my articles tonight.

Today, students continued their social studies work and read chapter 11: To Declare Independence or Not?

Students took notes on the colonists that we studied. Students were able to use the notes on the assessment.

Block one had time for the assessment, block two will take the assessment tomorrow in class.

Students are completing their last proofreading task tonight. You can find the assignment below:

Magazine Project Editing- Conventions

Friday 5-19

Learning Targets:

  • I understand how to make my articles flow smoothly from sentence to sentence.
  • I understand how to create variety in sentence beginnings and lengths.
  • I understand how to use transitions to connect sentences.

Today, students were able to watch the 8th grade dance competition, along with the school. In class, we reviewed the homework for the weekend. Block One had some time to do editing on the laptops (their class had been cut short on Monday and Tuesday.)

You can find the editing homework for the weekend below:

Magazine Project Editing- Sentence Fluency

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 18th


Learning Targets: I will understand the disagreements between Great Britain and the colonies.

I understand how to edit my articles for word choice.

Tonight, students will be reviewing word choice at home. You can find the editing assignment below:

Magazine Project Editing- Word Choice

Students read a chapter from History Alive! today about the tensions between Great Britain and the colonies. They took a comprehension assessment after reading the chapter.

Have a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, 5-17

Learning Targets: 

  • I can continue to work on my service learning trifold
  • I understand how to make my writing more engaging for the reader
  • I understand how to show that I really care what I am writing about

Today, students turned in their editing-organization assignment. If students have not finished this assignment, they will need to complete that in addition to the homework for tonight.

Students also review how to complete the homework for tonight. You can find a copy of the homework below:

Magazine Project Editing- Voice

Students also went to the media center. Today’s lesson was about how to support people with special needs.


Tuesday, May 16th

Learning Targets:

I can proofread to make sure my articles have a beginning, middle, and an end.

I can check to make sure there is a topic sentence for each paragraph.

I will double check to make sure my articles have enough details to develop each topic sentence.

I can use transitions to connect paragraphs.

Today, students reviewed what tonight’s editing assignment is. Students will be proofreading for the organization criteria needed for their paper. You can find the checklist below:

Magazine Project Editing- Organization

*Some students did not complete the first Ideas editing checklist. They may have that tonight as well if they did not complete it last night.

Students also had time to work on their service learning trifolds. They are really coming together!

Remember to look for books if you have any that are checked out or missing. We will be visiting the media center tomorrow.